Paediatric Oncology

Department Information:



Government Cancer Hospital Aurangabad is a part of Government Medical College Aurangabad. This hospital is declared State Cancer Institute by Honourable Chief Minister of Maharashtra in 2015.This hospital deals with a large number of cancer patients all over India. Government Medical College is having superspeciality courses in DM Pediatric Oncology, DM Neonatology and Mch Surgical Oncology.

Pediatric Oncology has been functioning as a separate unit in Government Cancer Hospital Aurangabad since 2012. The Pediatric Oncology department caters to children with cancer in Maharashtra and also from all over India. The facilities provided includes inpatient, outpatient, day-care services, various treatments in the form of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery , transfusions, emergency and intensive care services. The Paediatric general ward has 20+10 inpatient beds and 10 day-care beds. A 5 bedded Pediatric ICU with the facility of Ventilators is also available. Outpatient services are provided from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

A fully equipped Procedure Room for procedures like bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, central venous catheterization, lumbar puncture and Intrathecal therapy, pleural and ascitic fluid tapping is available. The department runs a DM paediatric oncology course with an intake of 4 students every year. Our DM students will be posted in Tata memorial hospital, Mumbai on rotational basis during their curriculum for skillful training as a part of academic program. Pediatric residents from various institutions of the state are also being trained in Pediatric Oncology as a part of academic programme.


The Department trains D.M. students in Pediatric Oncology and Post-graduate students posted from various medical colleges of Aurangabad.

Various activities carried out in Department -

  1. Daily ward rounds and discussion for DM students, and Paediatric Postgraduates.
  2. Case discussion.
  3. Departmental Statistical meeting.
  4. Death review
  5. Clinical seminars
  6. Journal club
  7. Group discussions
  8. Guest lectures


OPD Timings - 9am to 1pm & 3pm to 5pm
OPD days - Monday to Saturday

  1. Emergency facility available 24 * 7
  2. PICU facility available (5 Beds) 24 * 7
  3. Daycare facility - 10 bed
  4. ACT clinic on Wednesday & Thursday every week
  5. Clinical Psychology clinic available on all days
  6. Social worker for patient support on all days
  7. Primary teaching by teacher daily
  8. Other services -
    • Paediatric Social Support
    • Pediatric Financial Support
    • Pediatric Psychology Support
    • Pediatric Breavement Support
    • Pediatric Nutrition
    • Pediatric Clinical Trial Management services
    • Pediatric Education
    • Pediatric Recreation activities support (picnics, entertainment events)
  9. Clinico-Pathological Conferences Participation
    1. Interdepartmental clinical meets once per month
    2. Pediatric, Surgical-Oncology-Radiotherapy-Radiology meetings
    3. Active participation in yearly institutional conferences
    4. Active participation in various awareness programmes
    5. Death Review meetings
    6. Participation in National Programmes


Dr. Aditi M. Lingayat (M.D. Pediatrics)

Dr. Aditi Lingayat

Designation : Professor in Pediatric Oncology
Qualification : MD Paediatrics, Pediatric Oncologist. Total teaching experience 20 years. With 7 years of experience in Paediatric Oncology, Dr Lingayat has been with the department since inception. A humble being and dedicated teacher is an asset to our institution and the society.She is interested in academic, social and awareness activities related to Pediatric Cancer.

Dr. Farooq Aziz

Dr. Farooq Aziz

Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : MBBS, MD Pediatrics Dr Farookh has been working in the department for the past 5 years and is a guiding force for the department. He has been instrumental in organising various academic events like CMEs in the department. His special interests are Childhood Leukemia and Lymphoma.

Dr. Pooja Totla

Dr. Pooja Totla

Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : MBBS, MD Pediatrics She has 4 ½ years of total experience in managing Pediatric cancer patients.

Other staff members

Dr. Suyog Nagare Senior Resident
Dr. Jayashree Sawale Senior Resident
Dr. Priyanka Borse House Officer
Dr. Sushmita Junior Resident
Dr. Akshad Junior Resident

Paramedical staff

Mr. Ajay Devkate Social worker
Mrs. Ifrah Meer Dietician
Mrs. Lata Salve Teacher
Miss. Pooja Bainade Child Psychologist


Year-wise available clinical material of the department of Paediatrics (past 3 calendar years).

Average daily workload Year 1(2019) Year 2(2020) Year 3(2021)
1. Number of patients in OPD 10138 8922 9034
2. Number of patients admitted (IPD) 2200 1974 1879
3. Number of new cases diagnosed 144 190 210
4. Number of Day care chemotherapy 3500 2849 3109
5. Total number of operations 350 400 420
6. Total number of blood and blood product transfusions 2015 2273 2518
  1. Calendar year: 1st January to 31st December of the year considered.
  2. IPD means total number of patients admitted (Not total occupancy of the year)
  3. Bed occupancy 100%

Publications from the department during the past 3 years

  1. Paripex Indian journal of research, Role of granulocyte colony stimulating factor (FILGRASTIM) in chemotherapy induced febrile neutropenic patients of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia, June 2018, vol 7, page no 160 – 62. Aditi Lingayat, Rakesh Chikhlonde, Amar Bise
  2. International Journal of Medical Pediatrics and Oncology, Clinical profile complications and outcome of Leukemia in Pediatric age group, Sept 2019, vol 5, page no 93 – 99, Aditi Lingayat, Aziz Farookh, Puja Totala, SachinUkey
  3. Global journal for Research Analysis,study of clinical profile, complications and outcome of Wilms tumor in pediatric age group. July 2021, volume 10, issue 07, p no 50 – 52, Dr Puja Totala, Dr Aditi Lingayat, Dr farookh Aziz
  4. Global journal for Research Analysis, study of spectrum of malignancies in pediatric age group below 12 years age group. July 2021, volume 10, issue 07, p no 137 – 39, Dr NileshkumarHatzade, Dr Aditi Lingayat, Dr Puja Totala, Dr farookh Aziz
  5. Indian Journal of Applied Research. Study of different treatment modalities in patients of Wilms tumour in pediatric age group. August 2021, Volume 11, Issue – 08, p no 11 –12, Dr Gire Pooja, Dr Aditi lingayat, Dr Puja Totala, Dr Farookh Aziz
  6. Indian Journal of Applied Research. Analysis of types of Leukemias in paediatric age group. August 2021, Volume 11, Issue – 08, p no 6 – 7, Dr Dhirajkumar Khndade, Dr Aditi lingayat, Dr Farookh Aziz, Dr Puja Totala
  7. Paripex Indian Journal of Research. Assessment of various time lag in the begining of treatment of childhood cancer. February 2022, Volume 11, issue 2, p no . Dr Aditi Lingayat, Dr Pooja Sawlani, Dr Rubeena Shaikh, Dr Jayshree Sawale.
  8. Indian Journal of Medical Research. Stress Symptoms During Treatment In Parents Of Children Diagnosed With Cancer.
Dr. Alapure Ramakant
Dr. Sunil D. Deshmukh
Dr. Varsha Deshmukh
Dr. D.V. Mulay
Dr. Hemant R. Kokandakar
Dr. Aditi M. Lingayat
Dr. Balaji K. Shewalkar
Dr. Bokankar Deepak
Dr Maruti Pote
Dr. Khadilkar