Unusual case of Retinoblastoma

Department of pediatrics cancer hospital Aurangabad

A 7yrs old male child Vishal Gaikwad having complains of fever and whitish spot in rt eye from 6 months. There was watering of eyes also. No h/o eye trauma. Pt had undergone ophthalmoscopy, CT/MRI brain. Pt was also investigated for extra-ocular extension with all necessary investigations. Pt was having unilateral retinoblastoma with no vision preserved, so operated at Jalna with enucleation procedure. Pt was referred to our hospital for further management and received 4 chemotherapeutic cycles up to this time.

Retinoblastoma is the most common primary ocular tumor of childhood, a tumor of the embryonic neutral retina, about 90% cases are diagnosed by age 3-4yrs and 98% by 5yrs. Unusual for this case is age of presentation at 6-7 yrs of age. All first degree relatives of children with known or suspected hereditary retinoblastoma should have eye examined for retinoma or retinal scars. Most tumors are confined to the eye are cured. Cures are infrequent when extensive orbital or optic nerve extension has occurred.